Unless noted otherwise, all the hymns posted here appear in Selected Hymns from the St. Alban Hymnal, American Edition, The St. Alban Press. The hymns are numbered as in that hymnal.

Refer to the Calendar of Hymns in Selected Hymns to choose hymns for the Sundays and other feast days of the liturgical year.

Unless noted otherwise, the organ introductions are the final half of a verse of the hymn. The name of the hymn tune is indicated, as well as the number of verses recorded. An Amen is played after the verses are complete.

NOTE: some hymns not yet recorded can use the music already available here, but have a different number of verses. In that case, either a verse or two of words may be omitted (if too few verses of music are here); or the music may be stopped earlier than the Amen (if more verses have been recorded than are needed). We do intend to have all options available on this page eventually.

It is strongly recommended that you listen to any recorded accompaniment before using it! Especially since the organist uses either a full verse or a partial verse for the introduction.

1: A wondrous type, a vision fair
2: Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky
Alstone. 6 verses.

3: Abide with me
Eventide. 5 verses.

4: All Glory, Laud & Honor
St. Theodulph. 6 verses.

Special hymn for Palm Sunday: Organ introduction consists of 1/2 chorus plus 1 verse; then those inside sing one chorus (called verse 1) after which the procession outside sings the chorus. Then the congregation continues with verses 2-6, while the procession outside sings the chorus after each verse, with the congregation joining on the final chorus.

5: All people that on earth do dwell
Old Hundredth. 5 verses.

6: Alleluia! Babe most holy
7: Through the night of doubt and sorrow
St. Oswald.  8 verses.

8: Alleluia! Alleluia! Hearts to heaven & voices raise. (stop music 1 verse early)
9: Alleluia! Praise our Master 
Alleluia. 5 verses.

8: Alleluia! Alleluia! Hearts to heaven & voices raise.
9: Alleluia! Praise our Master (omit 1 verse of words)
alternate tune: Hyfrydol. 4 verses.

10: As with gladness men of old
11: For the beauty of the earth
Dix. 5 verses.

12: Breathe on me, Breath of God
13: Blest are the pure in heart
Nova Vita. 5 verses.

12: Breathe on me, Breath of God
13: Blest are the pure in heart
alternate tune:5 verses. Trentham. 

14: Was there ever kindest shepherd
[15: Bright the vision that delighted (omit 2 verses of words)]
Stuttgart. verses.

14: Was there ever kindest shepherd (lower key)
[15: Bright the vision that delighted (omit 2 verses of words)]
Stuttgart. 4 verses.

16: Father of heaven above
17: Thou Whose Almighty Word
Italian Hymn. 4 verses.

18: Christ our Lord is risen today!
19: Hail the day that sees Him rise (stop one verse early)
Easter Hymn. 8 verses.

20: Easter! the word is music in our ears
Yorkshire. verses.

22: Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove (stop recording after V5)
23: Lord of all being, throned afar
24: One Lord there is, all Lords above
Hursley. 6 verses.

25: Come, Thou Holy Spirit, come
Veni Sancte Spiritus. verses, plus full verse intro.

26: Father! the sweetest, dearest Name
Lambeth. 6 verses.

27: As shadows cast by cloud and sun
Lambeth. 5 verses.

28: Crown Him with many crowns
Diademata. 6 verses.

29: For Thy dear Saints, O Lord
30: O Everlasting Light
St. Michael.  5 verses.

31: The Church’s one foundation
32: Eternal King of Glory   (4 verses needed — stop before last recorded verse.)
33: In royal robes of splendor
Aurelia.  5 verses.

34: From glory unto glory!
St. Columb.  6 verses, + 1 full verse of intro.

35: O Thou who by a star didst guide
Holy Trinity. 4 verses + 1 full verse intro.

36: Gather us in, Thou Love that fillest all
St. Agnes. 7 verses.

37: Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost
37-2: God of love, O let Thy light
Charity. 6 verses.

38: Hail, Mary, hail! the western sky is glowing
Consolation. verses.

39: Hail to the Lord Who comes
Old 120th.  5 verses, + 1 full verse as intro.

41: Master, again to Thy dear name we call
Ellers. 4 verses.

42: Hark the sound of holy voices
43: Round the Sacred City gather (omit 2 verses of words)
44: With the countless hosts of heaven (stop music after 4 verses)
5 verses.

45: Onward, Christian soldiers
46: Carol, sweetly carol   (3 verses needed — stop after 3 recorded verses.)
St. Gertrude.  6 verses.

47: Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty!
Nicaea. verses.

48: Holy Spirit, Truth Divine (omit 1 verse of words)
49: Palms of glory, raiment bright
Weber. 6 verses.

50: Hosanna! Loud hosannas!
Morning Light. 4 verses.

52: I will go in the Strength of the Lord
Celeste. 7 verses.

53: Now thank we all our God
Nun Danket. 3 verses.

55: Part in peace! is day before us?
St. Sylvester.  verses.

56: Joyful, joyful, we adore Thee
alternate tune: Ode to Joy (Beethoven). 4 verses.

57: Mother Maid all holy
Ruth. 4 verses.

NOTE: For use in the Homage to Our Lady, pause the recording after Verse 3; then when ready hit pause again to play V4. Note: there is no cue note for Verse 4, it just begins.

58: Love divine, through all things flowing
59: Praise the Lord! ye heavens adore Him
60: Come ye lofty, come ye lowly (omit 2 verses of words)
3 verses.

61: O come, O come, Emmanuel
Veni, Veni Emmanuel.  5 verses.

64: O Holy Ghost, thy people bless
64-2: Most ancient of all mysteries
St Francis. 6 verses.

65: O King of Kings, whose knights we are
66: Great God, to Thee our hearts we raise (stop after 3 verses)
5 verses.

67: O Light, Whose beams illumine all
St Chrysostom. 4 verses.

68: O Love that wilt not let me go
A: quiet pipes
St Margaret. 4 verses.

68: O Love that wilt not let me go
B: full pipes
St Margaret. 4 verses.

70: O worship the King, all glorious above
Hanover. 6 verses.

71: O sons & daughters, let us sing!
Victory. 8 verses.

72: Not so in haste, my heart!
72-2: Conscious of Thee, O Lord
Dennis. 5 verses.

73: Once the great Desire of Nations  (4 verses — stop before last recorded verse.)
73-2: Angels, from the realms of glory 
Regent Square.  5 verses.

74: Our Father, while our hearts unlearn
75: Unheard the dews around us fall
St Flavian. 7 verses.

76: Our worship rises like a soaring flame
St Charles. 9 verses.

77: Power of all Powers! O fill and flood my being
Acadia.  verses.

78: Praise the Lord, His glories show
79: Sons of men, behold from far
St George. 3 verses.

81: Shall we not love thee, mother dear
St Agnes. 6 verses.

82: Only a manger cold and bare
83: Fair are the feet that bring the news
St Agnes. 4 verses.

86: Spirit Divine, pour forth Thy Love
87: Hail, ye, God’s saints, who lived and died
Beatitudo. 6 verses.

88: Sleepers, awaken! see, the Day-Star rises!
89: When winds are raging o’er the upper ocean (omit 1 verse of words)
4 verses.

90: Still, still with Thee
O Perfect Love. 6 verses.

91: These things shall be!
Rockingham. verses, plus 1 full verse intro.

92: Thou are coming, Holy Master
Adyar. 5 verses.

93: The people that in darkness sat
94: Thou stern destroyer miscalled Death
Dundee. 7 verses.

95: Through all the world angelic songs are swelling
Pilgrims of the Night. 5 verses.

96: Wellnigh two thousand years have passed
Winchester New. 5 verses + 1 full verse intro.

97: We shape ourselves, the joy or fear
Karma. 5 verses.

98: Now let us see Thy beauty, Lord
99: While shepherds watched their flocks by night
Winchester Old. 6 verses.

100: Who are these like stars appearing
101: Lord of Might, our land’s defender
All Saints. 5 verses.

102: O hear the song of angels  (omit 1 verse of words)
103: Behold! the Star is shining   (omit 1 verse of words)
104: Thy love for all Thy creatures
Ewing. 4 verses.

119: O God, our help in ages past
120: Thou art gone up, O Lord, on high
121: Thou, Lord, art Love — and everywhere  (omit 2 verses of words)
122: Hail, Father, whose creating call
St. Anne. verses, plus 1 full verse intro.

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