A message from Bishop William, Archbishop of The Liberal Catholic Church, Province of the United States, Ojai, California, 22 January 2017:

Dear Friends,

I send my sincere good wishes for a very blessed New Year. May this year bring you joy and happiness, peace and contentment but most of all a closer walk with God upon the Path that He has ordained for you.

As I sit in my office and look out upon the orange orchards that stretch all the way to the foot of the mountains, bathed in much needed rain; I am tempted to think of how the countryside will soon be transformed into a lush verdant landscape by this much neededmoisture.  How appropriate such musings as we approach the Feast of Our Lord’s Transfiguration!

This glorious event has been related in detail by St. Matthew, St. Mark, and St. Luke, while St. Peter and St. John, two of the privileged witnesses, make allusion to it. On the Mount the disciples were for the first time confronted with the Real Christ. Up until this point they had seen the man Jesus, impressive though he may have been, but on this occasion, in the High Place, they saw him in His Divine Personage, in His full Glory!

Christ the Son of the Living God was and is the same yesterday, today and forever! Jesus lived a life completely and absolutely transparent of the God within. I believe the transfiguration of Christ was not so much a change in the Person of Jesus as it was and is within the consciousness and perception of the disciple! When the disciple ascends to a High Place in consciousness and awakens from his sleep he or she sees with eyes of clarity. Transparency, clarity, lucidity, Light!

Each of us is called to see with clear vision and contemplate the Divine in all things, in all people and in all circumstances. If we recognize that Reality and Oneness in All, we will effect a living Transfiguration and transformation within ourselves.

The Scripture in Matthew 17:8 says that though this experience was new and frightening to the disciples, “when they looked up they saw no one except Jesus.”  If we allow ourselves to be so transformed we will go forward and in all things see only Jesus!

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. ~ Rumi

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