In Memoriam The Most Rev. Graham Sidney Wale

Dear friends:

Our dear Father in God, Graham Sidney Wale, has graduated to Higher Life. I was honored to be at his side when he made his ascension. A unique era in our church history comes to a close. I’m sure the Halls of Heaven resound with the words “Well done thou good and faithful servant.”


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The Most Rev. Graham Sidney Wale

“Rest in the eternal grant unto him, O Lord,
and let light perpetual shine upon him.”

Graham Sidney Wale was born on the 4th December 1945, in Hammersmith, London, UK.

He trained as a draftsman and worked in the UK and in South Africa, where he took the position of engineer.

In 1993, on Easter Sunday, feeling at a loose end, he attended the Eucharist at the Liberal Catholic Church in Pretoria. The Service was celebrated by Bishop Johannes Van Alphen. Graham left the Church that day, feeling that he had, at last, found a Church that he could accept and believe in. Before then, he had consistently been searching for a “spiritual home”, one where he did not have to give something up or compromise.

He continued to attend Church Services each Sunday and a few months later, he asked Bp Johannes to become a server.  Bp Johannes made Graham wait a whole year before he was admitted as a server. A few months later he received the Minor Orders.

Graham and Kylann Descy were married in the Liberal Catholic Church in Pretoria on 22nd October 1994.  Graham continued to attend the Eucharist every Sunday and also became Bp Johannes’ Church Secretary and assisted the Bishop in all matters clerical.

On 23rd June 1996, Graham was ordained to the priesthood by Bp Johannes.

In February 1997, believing that it was his duty to look after his elderly parents, he and his wife left South Africa to live in the UK. 

On 15th April 2000, Graham was consecrated as an Auxiliary Bishop in the Liberal Catholic Church at the Church of St Francis at Tekels Park, Camberley, UK, and adopted the Christian name of “James” to his name. Two years later, he was appointed Regionary Bishop for the Province of Great Britain and Ireland.

On 29th January 2005, Bp Graham was elected Presiding Bishop (now known as Archbishop Primate) for seven years and enthroned at the Chapel of St Michel, at Paris, by Bp Christian Schoch, Regionary Bishop for France, Switzerland and Francophone Africa. Bp Graham served the International Church faithfully and in 2012 was elected for another seven years, which, sadly, he did not complete by the end of his life on 8th October 2018.

Archbishop Graham will be remembered and cherished for his warmth, his compassion, his wit, and his great and unending dedication to Christ’s work.

(a fuller biography will appear in the Christmas edition of Ubique)

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